Spring Hair Refresh: Cut and Condition

Haircut &Deep Conditioning Treatment-2

Is your winter hair feeling damaged & dull? Just wanting a fresh, new look?

Come in this month for a special treatment that will leave your hair LOOKING AND FEELING great!

Click here to book an appointment with April at the Dandelion Salon in Clovis CA. When you book please choose a Haircut and the add-on conditioning treatment.

You’ll enjoy a 2-step Marakesh & Wella Luxe Oil Deep Conditioning Keratin Treatment to restore moisture and manageability to your weary locks. After conditioner is applied to your hair we’ll add heat for maximum penetration. This makes a huge difference. Then finish with a fresh cut or a whole new look!

I just tried this treatment and was convinced I need to invest in my own hair more often. My processed, dry hair felt soft, soft, SOFT without being weighed down.  KEEP your hair in great condition by using a weekly deep conditioning mask at home for best results.





It’s NOT TOO LATE For Valentine’s Day!

It’s not too late to have really beautiful hair for your special date.

If you have waited this long to think about Valentine’s day, there is still hope!

I have openings next week, and if you come during the month of February you get $10 off a cut and $20 off any color.

Great hair is a gift that both of you will love.

Book online here for a hair appointment with April at the Dandelion Salon in the Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis, CA.

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Visiting a new stylist can cause anxiety.  But it doesn’t have to, check out what my clients say about me here, and on my Facebook page here.

It’s not too late, but time is running out!


Consistent Care: The Real Reason for Rebooking On Time


Before. In this photo the client is still wearing the black drape.






I hate going to the dentist! It’s not that I hate dentists. I finally found one I really like. But there are so many that I don’t trust. I go in for a toothache, and they give me an estimate to reconstruct my mouth for $18,000 using new technology from NASA. It feels like they’re trying to sell me things I don’t need.

I’m sure some people feel this way about their hair stylist. “We just finished, why are you trying to rebook me?”

I had a beautiful client come in recently who reminded me why regular rebooking is important for the client. She had just moved into town, had a job change (she has the COOLEST job BTW), etc. Consequently, she couldn’t see her previous stylist, and hadn’t found a new one that she trusted. And she ended up waiting longer than normal to get her highlights touched up. I have done this myself so many times, I can’t even count!

The truth is that waiting too long not only affects the way your hair looks now, it makes it more difficult for your stylist to get the color you want and a perfect match. Here’s how it works: After a color treatment your hair continues to grow. Highlights are added to small groups of hair for best effect. If you wait too long, the hair grows out and can leave the appearance of lines, hazing, or other color inconsistencies in the overall canvas of your hair. When that happens your stylist is not just working on highlights. They are working to cover up the problem areas in your hair. This means you could be spending more time in the salon, and you may not even know why. In some cases, it may take a second visit to get a perfect color match. All of this means more time and money out of your life. Not good.

If you are in this situation, don’t worry. Most stylists can make these kinds of corrections. But once you finally get the look you want, your stylist will offer to rebook your next appointment before you leave so that you have greatest chance of keeping the look.

If you’ve waited too long between highlights, I’d love to help you! You can book here. And as I have written elsewhere, you are the boss. My number one priority is to listen to you. I will never use pressure tactics to sell you stuff you that don’t need from NASA.

Also, if you are a dentist, I love you! And I brush and floss everyday.

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Side by side highlights

What’s THAT For? Definitely Do NOT Throw It Away!

Dryer Nozzle

An mature client with beautiful hair came in the other day. She has been getting her hair done by a professional for a long time.  She admitted something embarrassing. Toward the end of her blowout, she said (a little sheepishly) that  she just realized what the nozzle on the end of the blow dryer was for!  She said that for years at home, every time she bought a blow dryer she would just  throw it in the trash.

Its embarrassing to admit you don’t know something. But that is the surest way to grow.

Here is a brief explanation of what that ‘nozzle’ is and how to use it.

dryer with nozzle

Most blowdryers (even the store-bought ones) will come with at least ONE attachment called a concentrator. Some will include several different attachments. Basically, a concentrator focuses the stream of hot air leaving your blowdryer onto a very small section, instead of letting it spread out. When you want a good salon-style blowout (WHO DOESN’T?!), you definitely NEED this simple tool.

After you’ve mostly dried your hair (about 75-80% dry), you need the air to be more focused to avoid frizz. As you learn to use a round brush, you need that air stream focused on only the hair in your brush. Using tension to gently stretch the hair, the concentrator eases your hair into the right position as you dry the  base and mid-shaft of your hair, instead of blowing air EVERYWHERE. As you work your way to the ends of your hair, the concentrator aids in keeping the ends firmly in your round brush, for a polished, smooth finish. My client will never throw out her concentrator again…neither should YOU 🙂