April Chair

This is me at the Dandelion Salon (where I used to work), at the best window seat!

Hello and welcome to gratefulhead.org! I’m April and here’s a little about me:

I’m wife to an amazingly supportive husband Matt, and Mom to three beautiful children and a Standard Poodle named Macy. They are truly my first love! As my kids grew into adulthood, I was finding more time than I was used to. I have always loved art and decorating, but there are only so many tablescapes one can dream up, right?

A friend lightheartedly mentioned Cosmetology over coffee, and for the first time, I began to consider this for myself. I had always loved hair. I had even ‘bleached’ my own hair into oblivion (which is how every hairdresser starts…haha). Well, long story short:  I dove head-first into Paul Mitchell The School and came out with even more love for hair and especially the people I get to care for.

I currently work behind the chair at Simply Bliss Salon in Old Town Clovis, CA. I learn new things daily alongside some of Central California’s best stylists and strive to educate and challenge myself to become an even more skilled professional. Watching my clients leave satisfied is my goal!

As much as I enjoy the beauty industry, I believe we are much more than the bodies  we strive to keep young, healthy, and stylish. Each of us is a unique body and soul created by God and we live to love Him and serve those around us.

My hope for this site is that I may be able to promote great hair care, discuss elements of style, share some of my experiences and encouragement,  and overall positive attitude about life. I believe the beauty industry is often profoundly ‘deep’, people are amazing, and life is truly a gift!

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