Covid19 Closure Update July 2020

Greetings friends of April Troupe Hair & Lifestyle,  

As most of you are aware, Governor Newsom announced on Monday July 13 that salons and several other services (am I the only one who really missed restaurants?) must close down indoor operations in hopes of reducing the risk of COVID19. You can read more here

This closure is slated to be reassessed after 3 weeks and for many reasons I truly hope the numbers will be favorable! Since we do not have any available outdoor facilities, especially considering the central valley heat, this means I will not be able to offer any services and am forced to cancel the next 3 weeks of clients with my deepest apologies! 

Please reschedule yourselves for services ASAP at this link:

There is a possibility that this may need to be repeated, but I’m holding onto hope. Again, I feel helpless in this situation as my books have been full since re-opening and I know how many of you need some real hair attention.

To those who have already come in for services, I want to give a heartfelt THANK YOU for all your support and encouragement! You’ve jumped right into a new salon with me, waited in cars, had your temps taken, completed little health surveys (who would have thought?!), worn facemasks like law-abiding troopers, helped me keep our salon a very safe place, and left looking beautiful and refreshed. I couldn’t do it without YOU! Thanks are always due as well for the referrals you bring me; the friends and family I get to meet through you. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine  

Feel free to text or email me with any questions or concerns and I can’t wait to open my doors as soon as possible! 

April Troupe at Simply Bliss

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